Future of the Transatlantic Defence Cooperation

Despite wide recognition for being soft power, the EU prioritize innovation to build the next generation of critical defense capabilities. The launch of the European Defense Action Plan which formed the European Defense Fund and the implementation of Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) are two significant indicators towards enhancing those capabilities.

Turning to the other shore, the National Security Strategy, updated Conventional Arms Transfer Policy, and Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act are components of a “Smart Defense Approach”. There are also overarching political developments both in the Old and the New Continent that have the potential to disrupt the Western defense cooperation, in an era where threat levels reached to new heights becoming increasingly more complex. European efforts to integrate Member States defenses should complement, and not duplicate existing and future missions, capabilities, and priorities of NATO.

For a safer Euro-Atlantic Region, Europe must forge deep ties to the transatlantic Allies. To do otherwise weakens collective security, eliminates the mutual benefits, and undermines the existing international order. However, sustaining such ties while maintaining European strategic autonomy as part of the evolution of the European Defense “Identity” does not cease to pose a big challenge.

There are also many cases where the decisions of the politicians, interests, and investments of the defense industry, and the results of the academic research on defense and security does not match in direction. Against this backdrop, we argue that a collaboration between the decision makers (politicians), industry and the academia is of crucial importance to form a Comprehensive Transatlantic Defense Cooperation.

New Horizons Summit, as an annual landmark event, aspires to be a unique platform for political, academic and defense industry leaders across Euro-Atlantic region to discuss and provide solutions for the most pressing issues of our time and future. On 22 October 2019, we plan to bring together key figures from the EU and NATO as well as think tanks, universities, and the defense industry. The focus of the Summit will be on the future of transatlantic defense cooperation. Unlike similar initiatives whereby it is mostly the politicians, academics or diplomats that make most -if not all- of the speaking, our plan is to give the floor primarily to the defense industry. Because the industry has a sincere interest in pushing the Alliance forward alongside having the required resources and knowledge/expertise in defense capabilities. We believe representation of those capabilities by the defense industry will boost the understanding of policymakers. In this regard, we foresee keynote speeches and panel discussions to provide strategic forethought, insight and practical solutions.


Oct 22 2019


08:45 - 16:00

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 22 2019
  • Time: 02:45 - 10:00


Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place
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