Competitive Europe Summit 2020

After 70 years of rapid progress, the European Union’s economic model is now running out of steam and losing clout against the U.S. and China.

France and Germany have repeatedly called for an EU industrial strategy to create “European Champions,” but they will need to overhaul current EU competition law to get their way. Global trade is also becoming more cut-throat by the day, raising big questions of what direction Europe will take, and what that means for industries and consumers.

Many want to deepen the single market and build more regional heavyweights by improving their terms of finance, while others wonder how this will shape the future European worker’s skill set. Europe’s attempt itself in the world economy raises important questions about how the Continent plans to meet its climate ambitions, reap the rewards of digitisation, and upgrade infrastructure.

On the eve of the German presidency of the EU, POLITICO is hosting its first Competitive Europe Summit in Brussels. Bringing together high-level policymakers and business leaders, this event will be a unique opportunity to debate how to cement Europe’s place on the world stage.

  • Where can European champions emerge and how can they foster innovation? Is European competition law impeding their creation?
  • What economic model should Europe adopt in the face of a changing global trade system?
  • What are the political obstacles in completing the single market?
  • How can Europe become a marketplace for investment? How can Europe foster a capital market that allow scaling up and foster more unicorns? Is the regulatory framework fit for purpose?
  • Sustainable competitiveness: Is Europe’s growth plan compatible with its climate ambitions? What talents does a competitive Europe need? How can it make the most of digitisation? How can it fill the infrastructure gap?


Jul 01 2020


09:00 - 17:00

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 01 2020
  • Time: 03:00 - 11:00




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